Natures Way of Healing



NuNu Natural Healing Ointment is a holistic alternative to Neosporin and other petroleum based products. Most of the healing products you can find on the shelves at major stores today use a petroleum base to carry their active ingredients for healing.  Why should consumers say goodbye to their petroleum based products? Easy they can do more harm than good. There is only one aspect of petroleum that can be absorbed through the skin and that is the hydrocarbon, the rest just sits on the surface of the skin blocking its ability to absorb moisture. When the hydrocarbons get adsorbed they can't be metabolized by the body and so they get stored in your fat cells and can cause cellular mutation in your body

Our Promise to You


At NuNu Natural Healing we care about your body. Our goal is to give you an organic solution when you are in need of healing. Nature has already provided us with everything that is needed to heal our bodies. We take the simplest approach and cleanest ingredients to use nature's healing elements and create a formula that will help your body heal quickly. At NuNu Natural Healing we desire to bring you a product that is free from petroleum and other harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. Our badge of USDA Certified Organic means we don’t just say organic we are certified through the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. NuNu is proven to contain a minimum of 99% organic ingredients, that are produced in a way that fosters resourcefulness, balance, and biodiversity. NuNu organic ointment products are packaged in  recycled BPA free plastic packing and are cruelty free.

Eczema & Dry Skin


NuNu Natural Healing Ointment contains certified organic, non-gmo natural ingredients that will soothe, comfort and help relieve the symptoms of eczema. It will help manage all of the issues including the itchy, dry and irritated skin. 

Dry Hands & Cuticles


Our 100% Natural, 99.9% Certified Organic rich healing ointment formula contains Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Honey, Vitamin E and many other phenomenal ingredients for helping to repair chapped hands and cuticles. 

Chapped Lips


NuNu Natural Healing Ointment works wonders on chapped, dry cracked lips. With its non toxic formula that is compromised of only Certified Organic, Non GMO natural ingredients you can feel safe letting it double as your lip balm. Its natures alternative medicine to your skin issues.

Cracked Feet


Not to keep bragging about our amazing ingredients but as you can imagine they also work wonders on those cracked, dried out heels. The list just continues on with all of the areas of the body that NuNu heals with its amazing natural formula. Allow us to help you heal.

Multiple Uses


NuNu Natural Healing Ointment is so much more than a first aid ointment for cuts, burns and scrapes. It provides great healing for tattoo after care. NuNu will also calm and heal the irritations associated to both insect bites and poison ivy or oak rashes. The list goes on for this amazing natural ointment. Dont take our word for it, try a tube today!